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Websites Designed For Authors

Screenshot of 3 different templates overlapping each other.
Woman enoying a walk in the winter.

Built For Authors.
Engineered For Speed.

Designed Just For You.

Once simple images on stone to in-depth stories of love and hardship on digital formal. What you do shapes our future, so why are you worrying about web design when you could be perfecting your next masterpiece to be enjoyed for generations to come?

Hire A Professional. Plans starting at $14.95/mth


slow loading websites


drag and drop systems


Costly Third Party Plug-in

Sell More.
Worry Less.

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Slow Load Speed Kills Your Sales

Google Consumer Insights also found that 53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Almost 70% of consumers have said that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer, a page speed report found.

Faster From Advanced Techniques

We combine the power of the Latest Http2 protocals with advanced image compression software to create fast and beautiful websites.

These can be skipped by others due to higher cost to set up and maintain but we feel you should get what you thought you were getting in the first place.

Two happy women enjoying looking looking at a website on a laptop.

Slow Load Speed Kills Your Sales

Almost 70% of consumers have said that page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer, a page speed report found.

Black and white picture of a eye glasses.

You Are Exluding Millions of Visitors

Legal - Almost all websites are covered by either the ADA or Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. And in addition to legitimate plaintiffs and advocacy groups actively defending web accessibility rights, there is also a throng of trolls seeking easy settlements.

Focus on ADA Compliance

Opportunity - Not only are there 61M people with a disability in the US, but also consider the 71M boomers who carry $548B in discretionary spending and who also share similar challenges with vision, hearing, cognition and fine motor skills.

Happy young woman wearing glasses in full colour.

We build your website to be accessible to everyone .

Specialty Services For Authors

As an author, your website has unique requirements.

Subscribe section on one of the dark layout templates.

Growing An Email List.

It's no secret that authors rely on mailing lists to advertise new books and keep interest going. That is why every plan comes standard with an subscription list. When visitors subscribe to your mailing list, they will be receive an email confirming their enrollment to help prevent you from being marked as a spammer. We don't charge extra fees and the email addresses go straight to you. They are and will remain your visitors. We do not store their data as it is for you eyes only.

Boost Your Book Sales

You worked hard on your book, but your new visitor doesn't know you from the others authors. To show the quality of your work without having to give your work away for free, we offer a Read First Chapter option. You visitor doesn't need to download anything or wait for an email to arrive. They can read the first chapter right from you site with a conviently placed buy now button to encourage them to purchase while they are still excited to read more.

Screenshot of a Read First Chapter of a template done in light colours
Screenshot of 3 different templates overlapping each other.

Layouts That Make Sense.

Traditionally, templates were designed to look good and you are left to make the content fit into that layout. This is opposite from what a professionally designed website would be. No matter how pretty the site looks, if it isn't designed around the content first, it will feel ackward to the visitor.

Our Websites are designed around the content that you, the author, want presented to your visitor and in a way the flows to encourage sales. They are also designed to look amazing!

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